Single Session of 10 minutes
Equipment Price
Mastersun 360 Tanning Bed RMB 120
Vega Lux Tanning Booths RMB 80
Our Point System
Equipment Equivalent Points
Mastersun 360 Tanning Bed 1.5 points per minute
Vega Lux Tanning Booths 1 point per minute
Plans for purchase of points
Plan Description Pricing Discount
A Casual visitor, 1£­79 points RMB8.0£¯point None
B 80£­149 points RMB7.5£¯point 6.25 %
C 150£­299 points RMB6.5£¯point 18.75 %
D More than 300 points RMB5.5£¯point 31.25 %
Explanation of point system
Mr. Wang, a customer, subscribed to Plan B and purchased 100 points. The purchase price would be RMB7.5 * 100 = RMB750. Mr Wang will immediately have 100 points available for use under his account. When Mr. Wang uses the Mastersun 360 Tanning Bed for tanning, the system will deduct 1.5 points from his account for each minute used.

Unlimited Use for 1 month
(non transferable - Strictly no Sharing)

Vega Lux Only RMB 600
MasterSun or Vega Lux (any machine) RMB 800