Welcome to Perfect Tan. Feeling good comes from looking good. Having a bronzed healthy tan is a part of the modern look which makes you look great when you work, party or rest. You can now get that look in a safe, quick, comfortable and controlled environment.

Perfect Tan runs a professional indoor sun tanning salon in Gubei,Shanghai,China and uses the latest and most advanced tanning equipments from Europe. Our salon is within walking distance from Carrefour Gubei and the salon has ample parking space. Our equipment is the latest award winning tanning equipment from Sportarredo, a premier tanning equipment manufacturer for more than 25 years. Our equipment comprises both vertical booths and lying beds housed in individual room for your tanning privacy. Shower facilities are also available for those who wish to wash off after a tan. In addition, Perfect Tan is proud to be the first and the only tanning salon to date to introduce High Pressure tanning in Shanghai (see our Equipment). The MasterSun 360 high pressure tanning machine will satisfy intermediate and advanced tanners and help them to achieve their desired, longer lasting tan in a much shorter time.